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Press Release

TRISA Announces 2022 Roadmap

TRISA has released its 2022 roadmap with ambitious goals to grow the network through strategic partnerships, greater community engagement, and improved user experience (UX) and interoperability. The roadmap includes a comprehensive product vision statement along with quarterly initiatives.

Product Vision Statement

By the end of 2022, TRISA will be the Travel Rule standard as cryptocurrency adoption becomes mainstream and institutional interest grows. VASPs, regulators, advisors, and developers will know TRISA as the open source, interoperable, decentralized solution for Travel Rule compliance. The Global Directory Service (GDS) will become an integrated directory service system with a streamlined registration and certificate issuance process, an improved user interface, integrations with multiple Travel Rule providers, enhanced documentation, robust security and privacy, and an emerging self-sustaining business model. TRISA will benefit key stakeholders in the community:

  • VASPs will be able to seamlessly register, message, and host their own TRISA node.
  • Regulators will understand TRISA’s implementation and seek TRISA’s thought leadership.
  • Developers will be able to contribute to open source repos and offer technical services.
  • Advisors to VASPs (e.g. consultants, lawyers, etc) will understand the importance of TRISA and advise their clients to register and engage the network.

2022 Roadmap

Initiatives started in…
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  • Enhance web presence and target messaging to VASPs, regulators, developers, and legal or professional advisors
  • Publish “Regulator’s Guide to TRISA”
  • Develop “Getting Started with TRISA” materials for VASP onboarding
  • Create online demos to facilitate TRISA understanding
  • Translate UI and docs into 3 languages
  • Develop and finalize v1 TRISA protocol
  • Collect contributor resources and provide contribution guides
  • Add asynchronous messaging feature
  • Identify high priority features and white paper modifications to accelerate TRISA adoption
  • Streamline certificate registration, verification, and issuance process
  • Expand and enhance GDS UIs and Web Presence
  • Enhance the GDS Admin UI with better verification and visualization features
  • Release v9 of the White Paper
  • Update TRISA source code
  • Begin development of  GDS self-service directory and certificate management interface (client logins and accounts)
  • Integrate with Sygna Bridge
  • Streamline the VASP registration process
  • Translate UI and docs into 5 languages
  • Release TRISA CLI for integration and debugging
  • Release tool to marshal TRISA’s IVMS101 protocol buffers into valid JSON
  • Release onboarding and installation wizards
  • Enhance KYC data management and sharing
  • Begin integration with TRP/ OpenVASP
  • Automate verification and business review processes
  • Streamlining certificate issuance
  • Release GDS v1.5 VASP Self-service Portal
  • Develop IVMS 101 helper tools
  • Develop secure envelope helper tools
  • Add signing key management to GDS
  • Automate certificate re-issuance process
  • Add technology service accounts for verification
  • Enable advanced user authentication, management, and groups
  • Integrate with additional Travel Rule solution providers
  • Release v10 of the White Paper
  • Update source code
  • Streamline and refactor documentation
  • Evaluate funding models
  • Implement multiple directory services for countries and regulators
  • Offer business opportunities for third party developers
  • Integrate with additional Travel Rule solution providers
  • Update source code
  • Transition to Google Certificate Authority
  • Improve robot VASP testing experience
  • Actively monitor and audit network health, security, and privacy in the TRISA system
  • Translate UI and docs into 7 languages
  • Integrate directory service system
  • Improve data replication and durability

As the market and regulatory landscape changes, TRISA continues to receive feedback from VASPs as a channel to adapt the protocol and offer practical solutions. VASPs can send requests or feedback to [email protected].


The Travel Rule Information Sharing Alliance (TRISA) is a professional working group of VASP operators, Travel Rule solution providers, regulators, advisors, and technical implementers dedicated to making cross-border exchanges of cryptocurrencies safe and lawful. TRISA consists of several components including:

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