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  • Send intro Quickstart
  • Give formal introduction to Software License
  • Prepopulate Level One Directory Data

TRISA to meet with VASP’s Compliance Team to:

  • Present Overview and 2020 Timeline
  • Explain VASP Questionnaire
  • Present Level One Directory Data
  • Train employees on Company software

First Day

First Week

TRISA to meet with VASP’s Technical Team for Overview of:

  • GitHub
  • Code
  • Docs
  • Repository

Gather data on backend to specify operability requirements

VASP Tech Team:

  • Set Up TestNet

VASP Compliance Team:

  • Submit VASP Questionnaire


  • Issue Certificates

First Month

Q4 2020


  • Third-Party VASP Verification review Interoperability Testing

TRISA and VASP Tech Team:

  • Integrate with Transaction backend

VASP Compliance Team:

  • Production Use

First Half 2021

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