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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Compliance

Travel Rule Information
Sharing Architecture (TRISA)
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TRISA Timeline

Designed to meet global regulators’ aggressive Travel Rule enforcement.

Trisa Is...

Open Architecture

TRISA provides interoperability with open security standards and emerging messaging standards such as InterVASP, OpenVASP, and BIP75, and easy integrations backend systems.

Open Source

TRISA made the code open source, and the reference architecture is freely available on GitHub.


TRISA applies the proven Certificate Authority (CA) model to reliably identify and verify VASPs.


VASPs and financial institutions can immediately begin using this trusted technology to comply with FATF regulations. Confidently transmit originator and beneficiary transaction data


Peer-to-peer design eliminates single point of failure and provides resilience to denial of service (DDoS) and scales to accommodate extreme volumes.


Strong mutual authentication ensures PII will not be sent to wrong VASP.

The FATF guidance comes into effect in June and FinCEN has already begun enforcing the funds Travel Rule. Crypto exchanges and banks urgently need a solution for dealing with these unprecedented risks. TRISA presents a risk-free path for VASPs to begin sharing transaction information with their peers – before the looming FATF deadline.”

Guhan Iyer, Director of TRISA


Leading exchanges, kiosks, privacy advocates, privacy coins, and regulators are participating in the TRISA movement.

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Open. Peer-to-Peer.
Secure. Here Now.

With Travel Rule enforcement now a reality, it’s time to join the growing TRISA community. Download the open source code and begin your Travel Rule compliance – while protecting cryptocurrency users’ privacy. You’ll share in world-class expertise to make deployment fast and easy.

Guiding Principles

Free and open source software
Compliant and privacy-focused crypto business

TRISA adheres to the principles of open source software, which means the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge. We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but also the right way to speed user integration and evolution of the architecture.

TRISA relies on trusted security building blocks to mutually authenticate recipients and defend the confidentiality of the shared PII. The TRISA organization also strives to protect and advocate cryptocurrency privacy while helping virtual asset businesses comply with the information sharing requirements under the FATF and BSA Travel Rules.

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