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Press Release

TRISA Announces 2023 Roadmap

TRISA has released its 2023 roadmap with ambitious goals to grow the network through interoperability, greater automation, improved VASP self-service tools, and strategic partnerships. The roadmap includes a comprehensive product vision statement along with key initiatives.

From Strength to Strength

As the regulatory landscape adapts to the market crises experienced in 2022, TRISA is in a strong position to deliver on its mission of providing an inclusive, open source, decentralized, and secure protocol for the safe and lawful cross-border exchange of digital assets. Now entering its third year and approaching 100 VASPs in 20 jurisdictions on its TestNet and/ or MainNet networks, TRISA is in a position to:

  • Expand its global network of VASPs to advance Travel Rule compliance
  • Build a network of TRISA Service Providers (TSPs) to expand TRISA’s reach
  • Move forward with interoperability with other open Travel Rule solutions
  • Expand its influence with local and global regulators

Regulatory Activity

Significant regulatory activities on the horizon in 2023 include:

Product Vision Statement

Building on its 2022 roadmap, TRISA continues its mission to be an open global Travel Rule standard as cryptocurrency adoption and institutional interest grows. TRISA seeks to be known to VASPs, regulators, advisors, and developers as the open source, interoperable, privacy-centric, decentralized solution for Travel Rule compliance. TRISA’s Global Directory Service (GDS) aims to be a robust network that delivers value to member VASPs and TRISA Service Providers. TRISA will succeed due to its proven public key infrastructure (PKI) security model, open source mission, interoperability with other Travel Rule providers, and commitment to privacy-preserving solutions.

2023 Roadmap

Interoperability VASP Self-Service Automation & TSP Services Community & Protocol Support
  • Design and implement an open source TRISA-OpenVASP/ TRP bridge available for VASPs to seamlessly operate between the two protocols
  • Engage in systems analysis and specification
  • Develop interoperability requirements and design documents
  • Implement gRPC to RESTful translation layer/ gateway
  • Develop a secure envelope encryption/ decryption mechanism
  • Build and publish an open source docker container available to VASPs
  • Test integration and publish documentation to open source repos
  • Introduce self-service certificate inventory management features
  • Refactor member registration process and form to improve onboarding and validation processes
  • Refactor directory lookup and search features
  • Add a member directory
  • Include additional identity management options (Github, MSFT
  • Enable advanced user authentication, management, and groups
  • Develop a self-service API for TRISA Service Providers (TSPs) to register and renew VASPs
  • Improve TRISA capability access through APIs, especially the certificate process e.g. addition, revocation, suspension, and pause
  • Automate the certificate re-issuance process
  • Improve data replication and durability
  • Automate verification and business review processes
  • Actively monitor and audit network health, security, and privacy in the TRISA system
  • Update open source repos to reflect TRISA white paper amendments
  • Publish documentation revisions on the TRISA API, IVMS101, TRISA-TRP interoperability, secure envelopes, and PKI.
  • Convene the Technical Subcommittee
  • Translate UI and docs into 5 languages
  • Maintain open source code
  • Expand the TRISA Working Group

As the market and regulatory landscape changes, TRISA continues to receive feedback from VASPs as a channel to adapt the protocol and offer practical solutions. VASPs can send requests or feedback to [email protected].


The Travel Rule Information Sharing Alliance (TRISA) is a professional working group of VASP operators, Travel Rule solution providers, regulators, advisors, and technical implementers dedicated to making cross-border exchanges of cryptocurrencies safe and lawful. TRISA consists of several components including:

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