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TRISA Releases GDS v1.6, Adding TSP Functionality

TRISA released v1.6.0 of the Global Directory Service (GDS), a major step in its roadmap and mission to help VASPs comply with the Travel Rule. The GDS is a network of TRISA-verified VASPs that can securely exchange Travel Rule compliance data with each other.

GDS v1.6.0 introduces self-service features for TRISA Service Providers (TSPs), which are organizations that manage TRISA accounts and certificates on behalf of clients. TSPs now have self-service features to create new managed VASP accounts, complete the certificate registration process on behalf of clients, and manage a client’s TRISA membership. TSPs are a critical component of TRISA’s network of trusted VASPs since they can provide TRISA support into open source and commercial travel rule offerings and provide VASP validation services in local or global markets. TSPs can also create interoperability with regional or private travel rule systems, using TRISA as an interoperability or VASP identity bridge.

TSP Workflow

The basic TSP workflow is as follows:

  1. Users who are managers of a TSP can now “Add a New Managed VASP” account.
  2. Once a new managed VASP is added, TSP users can switch between VASP accounts, completing the certificate registration process and managing TRISA memberships for multiple organizations.
  3. TSP users can also add collaborators from the managed VASP to allow them to help manage their TRISA account.
  4. We strongly recommend that TSP users provide a TSP email address for the “Technical Contact” field in the certificate registration form so that the TSP receives all certificates and technical email notifications.

More detailed documentation is available here. A 5-minute demo video is available below. Future features will include the ability to add collaborators, manage certificate inventory, and access the member directory.


TSP Permissions

A user must be provided a special role in order to have TSP access. To be granted this role, create a GDS account at and then email [email protected] with the email address that you would like to be given TSP access. We will respond within 36 hours after verifying your role within the TSP organization. If you do not see a “Switch Accounts” option or the “Add New VASP” button is disabled, this means that you do not have TSP access on your account.


The Travel Rule Information Sharing Alliance (TRISA) is a professional working group of VASP operators, Travel Rule solution providers, regulators, advisors, and technical implementers dedicated to making cross-border exchanges of cryptocurrencies safe and lawful. TRISA consists of several components including:

VASPs can join TRISA at

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